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Bursar’s Workplace

Refund Disbursement Dates

(please be aware why these times are subject to change according to unforeseen circumstances.)


first REFUND DATE FOR SPRING complete & First Sessions 2020 – February fifth, 2020.

The initial educational funding staying stability refunds for 202001 Comprehensive and First Sessions is likely to be released to Bank Cellphone on February fifth, 2020. The aid that is financial schedule utilized at Middle Georgia State University is described here:

In the very beginning of the semester or part-of-term session, disbursement of school funding funds to student reports will take place following the drop/add duration is finished and no-show reporting has been finalized. Per federal laws, refunds of remaining credit balances are released no later than 14 calendar days after publishing of school funding disbursements to student records. After this duration, refunds are processed weekly.

The weekly refunds for credit balances resulting from withdrawals, adjustments, or financial a >end of business day on Tuesday of the workweek after the first refund for the semester. Credit balances that occur after end of working day Tuesday cutoff will undoubtedly be incorporated with the a few weeks’s reimbursement processing.

Note: Refunds process time and/or credit balances cutoffs is subjective to change if you have any occasion or college closes due to weather or other reasons that are unforeseen. Other semesters reimbursement times are given in the semester that is corresponding Calendar. Continue reading Bursar’s Workplace